Intensive TOEFL ITP OnDemand All Ep's (9 hours) : 2,590 THB

           Intensive TOEFL ITP OnDemand Ep.01-04 Grammar : 700 THB

           Intensive TOEFL ITP OnDemand Ep.05-07 Reading Comprehension  : 700 THB

           Intensive TOEFL ITP OnDemand Ep.08 Written Expression  : 700 THB

           Intensive TOEFL ITP OnDemand Ep.09 Structure  : 500 THB

           Intensive ITP OnDemand Ep.10 Listening Comprehension  : 700 THB

           TOEFL ITP Online : 1,900 THB / Session

           TOEFL ITP Digital at Home : 1,900 THB / Session

           Test Fee : 2,015 THB / Session (For every Test Centre)

           Test Fee : 1,500 THB / Session
           (For the MOU between the Test Centre and School, University, College or Organization)

TOEFL ITP Application

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*** Cancellation is not permitted after the booking has been completed and the test fee is nonrefundable in any cases.
    * Complete the application form including make a transaction with 6 hour; otherwise your order will be cancelled automatically. The booking will be confirmed after the complete payment.

Test Conditions

1.  The test taker must be 15 years old.  

2.  The maximum of taking the test is twice a day.

3.  Taking the test for 2 days in a row is not allowed.

4.  Taking the test for 15 times will be break for 10 days.

5.  The test confirmation cannot be cancelled by the test takers in any cases.

6.   Fill the application form and check the test date here.  
      (Please fill your full name in English)

Please Call 063-061-9000 Ext. 5001 for further information.

Re-schedule and Refund Policy

 The test taker is not permitted to cancel the test date after the booking has been completed.

2.  Changing the test date or session can be done in case of necessity. Notification of cancellation before 7 business days is a must. The fee for rescheduling the test date and session is 200 THB per session. The test taker can register the next test date and session, and the previous booking will be cancelled after the complete payment. The refund of previous booking will be made as the following conditions No.3-5.

3. The full payment transferred on the 1st - 14th will be refunded on the 15th.

4. The full payment transferred on the 15th-30th or 31st will be refunded on the 1st of next month.

5. Other payments such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Rabbit Line Pay or Line Point will be charged 4% depending on the bank, and the refund will be processed within 7-45 days depending on the card and bank.

6. The Test Centre can postpone the test date and session including cancel the test date in case that the test takers are less than 10 people per session. The test takers will be notified by the Test Centre within 3 days in advance. If the test takers cannot postpone the test date or session, the test fee will be refunded as the following conditions no.3-5.

On the Testing Day

The test takers are not allowed to take the test in case of the symptom as follows:

1.  Have a temperature over 37.5°C on the test date.

2.  Have a cough, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.

3.  Have a rash on the skin, red eyes, diarrhea or be related to COVID-19 patients under investigation within 14 days.

Test Regulations

1.  A legitimate ID card or a passport must be presented. (Not expire before the testing day).

2.  Arrive to the place of testing at least 30 minutes before the starting time.

3.  15 minutes late is not acceptable, and the late comer is not allowed to take the test. The test fee is nonrefundable.

4.  A 2B pencil and an eraser are provided by the Test Centre.

5.  The Test Centre is not responsible for loss possessions or personal belongings of the test taker.

6.  Dress appropriately. Jeans and sandals are not allowed to wear.

7.  A Watch, bracelet, ring or other jewelry are not allowed to wear.

Score Report Announcement

1.  The unofficial score report will have been notified via Line Official Account @toeflitpthailand by 3-5 business days or whenever the score report from IIE is submitted to the Test Centre.

2.  The official score report will be sent to the test taker’s address within 7-10 business days, and EMS Tracking will be notified via Line OA as the order.

3.  The score report notified by the Test Centre is complete and the result is admitted by the test taker. In case that the test taker requires the second reprint or to correct the personal information, please contact the Test Centre directly for asking the form of correction.

4.  The Official Score Report lasts for 2 years from the date of testing.

TOEFL ITP Testing Centre

Mee Fah English School has officially made an agreement with an International Institute of Education (IIE) to organize institutional testing program (TOEFL ITP) for people requiring standardized test scores to further their education domestically,overseas or to apply for a job.

TOEFL ITP (Instiutional Testing Program)

The TOEFL ITP is a paper-based test and is accepted throughout Thailand, the standardized test is designed to assess academic knowledge of non-native English speakers. There are speaking, reading and grammatical structures. Full score is 677 and the result lasts 2 years.


 TOEFL ITP assessment share the same heritage as TOEFL test administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) USA.

2.  The test is much cheaper than TOEFL IBT.

3.  Test results will be announced three days after the test.

Test Results of TOEFL ITP can be used as

 a placement test, the test results is widely accepted and can be used to evaluate English level of students entering bachelor's degree, colleges or international institutions.

2.  a tool to monitor English levels of students or teachers, particularly academic English.

3.  an exiting document in collages and many other institutions that accept TOEFL ITP scores.

4.  as contributing documentation fro academic English proficiency to acquire scholarships from various institutions that accept TOEFL ITP scores.

TOEFL ITP Test Structure

TOEFL ITP is a paper-based test with multiple choices, 2 hours of testing time and divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 : Listening Comprehension (35 mins, 50 marks)

Part 2 : Structure and Written Expression (25 mins, 40 marks)

Part 3 : Reading Comprehension (55 mins, 50 marks)